Hey guys! I'm KyLynn. The maker behind Wild Vantage.


My love for adventure runs pretty deep. Most likely because my parents took me on lots of camping trips and adventures across the country when I was a kid. The outdoors play a huge part in the inspiration for my work. I once heard someone explain that a Volkswagen bus represents more than just a car. It represents freedom. That must be why I love them so much!

I enjoy a lot of different mediums including, wood burning, drawing, dying fabric, working with clay. These different materials are all natural and have their imperfections. They are all a little wild and free.. just like me :) I hope my art inspires you to be wild and free too!

When I'm not designing or making things you can most likely find me drinking cold brew or doing something outside. Currently a freelance graphic designer in sunny San Diego. Want to create something rad together? 

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